Mummy, There’s A Lady In My Room

I’ve only just switched off the lights and said goodnight. Crossing the landing to the mess of my own room is like bliss. Only because of the stillness. On the edge of my bed I stare into thin air. My thoughts are nothing, my mind is nothing. Who knew two little people could be so … Continue reading


It took me a while to embrace the Stay At Home Mum role. Every day I battle with wanting to work versus wanting to raise my children. My lowest days are filled with frustration of the lack of time or energy to find work and then the guilt of feeling that way, and then I … Continue reading

As If My Angels Weren’t Enough…

Behind closed doors we heard their laughter and screams And we rushed our clothes on No bath, no shower, quick knicker change, a bit of lippy We clock watched, grabbing every second of liberty and tuned out of the regular NightGarden We open the bedroom door to release feeble goodbyes, ignoring pulls and tugs on … Continue reading

When Jesus Walks

How do you explain religion to young children?  As a Catholic I would like Coco and Labelle to enjoy festive periods for the correct reasons and not only for the commercial shows put on by society… With that in mind, I have indeed attempted to teach them about the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. … Continue reading

You Need To Specify The Point, MAAA

Coco was staying up later than usual whilst I was rearranging a room, one evening. I glanced over at him and his face was a little picture of mischief..I looked away before he caught my eye. “Can I put the TV on please?” He cocked his head to one side, just the way I do “Ok, … Continue reading

…That one they Made on TV

Fresh and Colourful! Beetroot and Salmon Salad! With Baby Spinach Leaves, Sweet Baby Tomatoes splashed with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar…. Even when you thought you didn’t like beetroot, this tasted… GORGEEEEEEEEEEEEOUSSSSS!!

What’s Cooking Baby?

Home Made Crispy Chilli Beef , Steamed Rice & Broccoli of course! And crackers from the local Thai! Another Day Another Meal

It’s Not Them. It’s You.

  Maybe its because I’m a Londoner…or maybe it’s because I’m a Mother that I feel compelled to shout out at people who are “naughty” ! Compelled? Or should I say- allowed?   Coco and Labelle are of course my two favourite beings. Especially since I made them myself of course. I feel as proud … Continue reading

When Love Isn’t Biology

  She may look like you but he laughs like you  And she may smile at you but he looks to you  While their tone differs yours eyes are shaded  For you do not convey the differences evident  And you do not change your heart when  Others probe you  Neither deny nor regret  Neither dismiss … Continue reading


Sitting on the kids tiny chair next to the oven, hidden by the island of my kitchen. Between an empty bottle and a glass of melancholy I realised that my spirit wasn’t in that bottle. Instead a warmth rises through my body and bubbles near my eyes. But I still feel the draft of this … Continue reading