When Love Isn’t Biology



She may look like you but he laughs like you

 And she may smile at you but he looks to you

 While their tone differs yours eyes are shaded

 For you do not convey the differences evident

 And you do not change your heart when

 Others probe you

 Neither deny nor regret

 Neither dismiss nor refute

 The love you show your son

 The love you provide to your daughter

 With their arms of all shades around you

 The strength of your voice

 The treble of your laughter

 And the bite of your bark

 My love for you runs deeper

 For what you bring I have never known

 And how we love I have forever craved

 The beauty in your heart is the brightness in their eyes

 And with each break of dawn

God whispers that love is unity

 And Love is You and Me 

And adoration, love and purity is

Coco and Labelle



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