When Jesus Walks


How do you explain religion to young children? 

As a Catholic I would like Coco and Labelle to enjoy festive periods for the correct reasons and not only for the commercial shows put on by society…

With that in mind, I have indeed attempted to teach them about the Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. Attempted I say!

 It’s a really hard task! Especially since my protective parenting skills have banned words such as “dead”, “die”, “guns”… “fart” . LOL

And I Know I know I am way too protective!

With some bedtime children bible stories and the coming of Easter, I have found myself spurting out some religious info. My own mum wouldn’t be impressed, she’s a theologist and maxed us out on Bible stories that led me and my siblings into hiding!

Super excitedly Coco asked me: “Mummy when Jesus comes we can have the eggs!?”

He looks up at the portrait of Jesus.

“Yes, darling”

“He will come to the house?”



“Or will he come down the chimney?”



“Ummmm… He’ll come into your heart…” I say nodding and clutching my hands onto my chest.


I Know…I know …I didn’t know what to say!

“And then, will He be in my belly mummy?”

“Errrrrr, umm, well no, umm”

Ok, how do I get out of this?

“If you close your eyes and see his arms around you like a big hug, that’s how He’ll come into your heart”

Very matter of factly. Best way to convince kids of anything.

He squeazes his eyes shut “Ohhhh”

Phew! It worked!








2 thoughts on “When Jesus Walks

  1. Very nice Luisa….. les mots véhiculent les émotions ressenties lors des faits racontés….j’aime beaucoup, et j’aime beaucoup l’idée de la page; c’est remarquable d’utiliser ce temps de parentalité de ta vie de façon productive, c’est un talent qui ne doit pas se gâcher trop longtemps……

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