You Need To Specify The Point, MAAA

Coco was staying up later than usual whilst I was rearranging a room, one evening. I glanced over at him and his face was a little picture of mischief..I looked away before he caught my eye.

“Can I put the TV on please?” He cocked his head to one side, just the way I do

“Ok, here’s the remote”

I turned away and carried on with what I was doing when he said…

“Mum how do you do it?”

His tiny fingers fumbled the remote, overly complicated for his motor skills (unlike the Ipad!).

I said “press the red button and point to the TV” as I carried on moving and shifting things.

“It’s not working mama

As his voice hit that moany note and I wondered why I hadn’t put him to bed yet and got some peace, I turn around to face him…

And there he was standing with the remote down in his right hand and pointing to the TV with his left!!

I burst out laughing! He wasn’t so amused…

Kids do the funniest things!



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